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Sailing in Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound is small section of a very large area of fjords, islands and rivers in the North West of British Columbia, off the north coast of Vancouver Island. We were fortunate to be able to explore a section of Desolation Sound on ‘Speedwell’ (see June Log), with Jon’s cousin Garth & his wife, Fiona.… Continue reading Sailing in Desolation Sound

Current State of the Used Boat Market

We wanted to share some insights into the current state of the boat market.  We were at a Yacht Broker’s Association of America  (YBAA) seminar a few weeks ago and were able to gauge the temperature of the industry from other brokers.  The general consensus reflects our own sense, that, while things are slowing, good… Continue reading Current State of the Used Boat Market

Jonathan & Anne’s Sailing Adventure in British Columbia

Anne and Jon were recently in British Columbia sailing with Jon’s cousin and his wife in Desolation Sound, north east of Vancouver Island.  They spent their adventure aboard a boat that Jon’s uncle, John Goodwin, built in the 1970’s.  The cold-molded wooden boat is a 48’ Arthur Robb designed ketch named  ‘Speedwell’ that was launched… Continue reading Jonathan & Anne’s Sailing Adventure in British Columbia

Preparing Your Boat For Its Listing Debut

Buyers are watching the market closely these days, so when a new listing pops up that fits their criteria, they’re likely to view it immediately. Because of this, it’s important that your boat makes a great first impression! Consider a few of these tips to make sure your boat is ready for its debut. Previous… Continue reading Preparing Your Boat For Its Listing Debut

Headed North: Bob Brown Aboard “Reel Estate”

Congratulations to Bob Brown of Ohio, the proud new owner of the 2002 Sea Ray 410 Express Cruiser, “Reel Estate”!   In February, Bob attended the boat’s survey at Deltaville Boatyard. With his broker, Bob Hoefer by his side, they enjoyed a fun sea trial on Jackson Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. He closed the… Continue reading Headed North: Bob Brown Aboard “Reel Estate”

Meet Whitney Law

Whitney is the hidden face of YaZu Yachting.  She designed our website, publishes and distributes our monthly Log and takes care of our social media.  She’s your first point of contact with YaZu Yachting– though you don’t know it! She is familiar with what is current and what is soon-to-be-current in the media world and… Continue reading Meet Whitney Law

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Boaters

Gift ideas for the boaters in your life inspired by this year’s Annapolis Boat Show vendors! Find gift ideas for all of the boaters on your list!

Island Rehab-anero

At the age of four, Bob & Connie Hoefer’s son, Robert, started playing baseball and quickly found out how much he enjoyed it. Over the years, often with his dad coaching him, he played many positions. His favorites were catching, first base, short stop, second base, and above all pitching. Fast forward to high school days,… Continue reading Island Rehab-anero

Spinsheet Magazine Feature: Sailing Took Her From South Africa to the Chesapeake

Our very own, Anne Hutchings, recently participated in an interview with Spinsheet’s Beth Crabtree for a Start Sailing Now Extra. In the interview, Anne shares her story of how she got into sailing and how others can begin their own sailing adventures! Watch The Interview Below!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orFNOH1ayQI&t=8sYou can read the full article on Anne’s story at this link!

“Gayle Wix Memorial Rendezvous”

The Monk36 Owners Association “Gayle Wix Memorial Rendezvous” Opening day took place this month on Wednesday, June 8th. John and Gayle Wix of Woodbridge, Va owned the recently sold 2002 Monk 36 Safe Return together for seventeen years and collected many memories & nearly 4000 hours on her during their adventures.  A couple of years ago, Gayle passed… Continue reading “Gayle Wix Memorial Rendezvous”