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2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Boaters

The Ultimate Gift Guide for boaters!

Boat shows are a great time for finding out what’s on the market. This year, we went to the tents at the Annapolis Boat Shows with Holiday gifts in mind. It was hard to choose and we have loads more ideas in our dry bags! Check out our gift guide for boaters below! We hope you find something for your boating family and friends. 

Gift Ideas For Boaters: Sea Breathe 12-Volt Air Supply For Diving

Want dive gear without the hassle?


First up on our gift guide for boaters is the Sea Breathe. Sea Breathe is a 12-Volt air supply system for shallow diving, down to 25 feet. It has been in use for over 15 years in resorts, commercial diving and sport diving. 

The Sea Breathe system uses a quiet and efficient, direct drive oil-less diaphragm air pump that stays on the surface to supply a steady flow of surface air to the diver below. This would be a great gift for a friend or family member that loves exploring underwater, or to ‘encourage’ the crew to scrape some barnacles off the hull.

Gift Guide for Boaters: Chart Metalworks Nautical Jewelry

Looking for a beautiful, highly personalized gift?


Woman owned, local (to Portland, ME) business, Chart Metalworks offers a line of unique, custom jewelry with a nautical flare. You can create your own custom piece that shares a memory of a recent adventure with your cruising partner. Simply choose the location of your most recent or favorite adventure, your boat name, or a favorite photo and Chart will create a beautiful necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings that you or your loved one can wear & collect. These pieces of jewelry are fun and great conversation starters! 


Chart also has a line of beautiful birch wood cutting boards, and other unique accessories like belt buckles, Christmas ornaments, coasters, and even a customizable Cribbage Board.

Gift guide for boaters: Arid Bilge Systems

Don’t know how to get rid of those last few pesky millimeters of water that always sit in the bilge?

This is a great gift for those that love something practical! Known as the Dry Bilge Machine, the Arid Bilge is a central vacuum system that automatically (and effortlessly) drains bilge compartments throughout your vessel and keeps them 100% dry, with almost no electrical draw,  resulting in less mold and mildew and reducing “that mature vessel smell”. This device is also pretty handy for finding small oil leaks quickly and easily.

Gift Guide for Boaters: AirHead Composting Toilet

Looking for a simple way to be more eco friendly, while eliminating head smells and inconvenient trips to the pump out station? 


The Airhead Composting Toilet helps you do just that. This toilet does not use water and uses the process of natural decomposition and evaporation to recycle waste. Their simplicity of design also means peace of mind while cruising with fewer breakdowns. The Airhead is a simple, self-contained all-in-one unit that is simple to purchase and install. We’re sure you have someone in your life that would love to eliminate pumpouts and spend less time fixing the head this coming boating season!

Gift guide for boaters: Cape Fear Foul Weather & Boating Apparel

Tired of the big brand names and the same-old, same-old kit?  Try Cape Fear’s innovative designer clothing.

Cape Fear’s line of foul weather gear and performance wear is perfect for any adventure no matter the weather. Their apparel combines quality, performance and functionality with the love of the waterlife and fearlessness. No matter what Mother Nature throws at you or your loved one this year, Cape Fear can have you covered head-to-toe.

RescueSteps Emergency Swim Ladder

Getting out of the water onto a dinghy or kayak or jetski is tricky….


Whether in an emergency or after a quick swim, this compact and convenient boarding ladder is perfect to get yourself back aboard. Its quick release operation and compactness makes it ready for whenever you need it and is perfect for jet skis, dinghies, kayaks, and other boats with low freeboards. Grab one or two of these RescueSteps for the one in your life that always likes to be prepared.

Gift guide for boaters: Revolve Rollable Boat Hook
Gift guide for boaters: Rollable boat hook from Revolve

Is your boathook always in the way, or stuck in a locker and it catches on everything when you are trying to haul it out in a hurry?



The world’s first rollable boat hook from PYI! This boat hook uses advanced rollable composite material to enable it to pack smaller than any other comparable system, saving you valuable space on board and keeping it at the ready for when you need it. It’s tough weatherproof finish means it will last you a good long time, and the light material floats for easy recovery. The boat hook rolls down to the size of a large coffee mug, and can stay with you in the cockpit without taking up too much space. Check out some of the other Revolve accessories for more gift ideas for boaters!


Gift guide for boaters: Fendertex Lightweight Inflatable Fenders

Is fender storage the bane of your boating life?  Try this novel solution – the (truly) inflatable fender!


The perfect addition to this year’s gift guide for boaters: Fendertex Fenders are the world’s lightest fenders, up to 95% lighter compared to PVC fenders and 40% lighter than other inflatable fenders. Because they’re inflatable they’re easy to stow when not in use and easy to inflate when you need them. Looking to make a practical gift more fun? Fendertex Fenders are customizable. You can choose from a range of colors, add your boat’s name or logo, or any other fund design on the knitted surface of these fenders.

Gift guide for boaters: Rainman Portable Watermaker

Want a watermaker, but don’t want to give up the storage space?

Many folks that are considering taking a boat offshore insist on needing a watermaker aboard, but not all boats on the market have one installed. This portable watermaker from Rainman can be an easy solution. It runs on a 12VDC system and can make up to 34 liters (9 gallons) of fresh potable water per hour. The best part is you can choose when you want to take it aboard, and leave it at home on the days you don’t. 

Gift guide for boaters: Mustang Survival Inflatable PFDs

Want a PFD that does not ‘cramp your style’?

We want to keep our loved ones safe while they’re out in rough seas or even on calm days, but wearing a bulky PFD is uncomfortable and restricts us from being able to move freely about the cockpit and decks. Mustang Survival has a collection of inflatable PFDs that come in many different styles from full vests to belt packs. Find the perfect “fit” for someone you know that loves being on the water.

Gift guide for boaters: GeckoBrands Coolers & Dry Bags

Looking for a gift for that boater who has everything?  You can never have enough totes.

These Dry Bag/Cooler Combos are great for provisioning your boat or keeping your gear dry. They’re wearable as a backpack reducing the trips down the dock and the load in your dock cart to get ready for a weekend of cruising. Geckobrand’s largest bag has a 30L Capacity and can fit all of your needs. They even make a great way to store wet gear, clothes and towels, so your soggy clothes have a place away from all of your dry gear. The bags are great looking and made of quality materials, and they make a perfect gift for that person in your life that always seems to have their hands full.

Gift guide for boaters: Paddle Pump Manual Bilge Pump

Tired of a cluttered dinghy?  This is one of the most innovative pieces of boating gear ever!


Up next on our gift guide for boaters! These paddles are dual purpose. Not only can they help you get to where you’re going, but they can also help you out of a bind. If your dinghy, kayak, or canoe starts to take on water this paddle acts as a manual bilge pump to help you get the water out so you can get home safely. Paddle Pump is owned and operated by the couple who designed the pumps.

Gift guide for boaters: SignalMates Navigation Lights

Another great gift to keep a loved one safe!

Their full line of LED navigation lights help keep boats seen even in the harshest marine environment. Signal Mate lights are made with the latest technology of High Brightness LEDs ensuring they shine bright.

Gift guide for boaters: Custom Boat Mats, Cushions, Pillows and Accessories

Customize your boat accessories.

Naming your boat is one of the biggest decisions of your life (or at least it seems that way at the time). When you finally settle on the best name for your vessel, you want to tell the world! Welcome Aboard’s line of boat accessories helps you celebrate your boat and its name with customized Boat Mats, Bedding, Shirts, Hats and even Napkins!


You can put your boat’s name on just about everything you can think of! There’s a ton of great gifts for all of the boaters in your life at Welcome Aboard.

SeaSucker Vacuum Mount Boat Accessories

Need a new fixture? Don’t want another hole in the fiberglass?

These are a great solution for someone who doesn’t want to drill holes in their boat’s finish just to mount a cup holder or a shower handle. They have an entire Marine Accessories line that utilizes a strong vacuum suction cup, so you can adhere them anywhere throughout your boat. Check out their rod holders, grab bars, cutting tables, dry boxes, and even cleats! And we can’t leave out their Double Decker Party Barge for a fun cockpit cocktail party at the dock.

Keep your electronics safe!

We take many things aboard our boats that don’t necessarily like the water that we all love: phones, tablet readers, ipads. If you have a tech lover in your life that also loves to be on the water, these Ugo Wear Waterproof Pouches are perfect for keeping their gear safe & dry.

727 Sailbags & Accessories

You can never have enough bags!

Since 2005, in their workshop in Lorient, France, 727 Sailbags has collected and recycled sails (that have sailed!), and created beautiful totes and duffle bags that are great for a day out on the town or on the boat. Since their first creation, they’ve branched out into other fun and unique products to help you show off your love for sailing, including bean bags, deck chairs, seat cushions and more. Check out all of their stylish gear and pick out something special for the sailor in your life.

Salt N Rays Sun Protective Towel

Solve the perpetual wet towel problem….

If you know someone who loves to spend their days out sunning on the decks or on a beach, then these Sun Protective Towels may be the perfect gift. Not only are they UPF 50, but their material keeps them sand free, so no more bringing the beach back to the boat. They also dry quickly eliminating all of those soggy towels aboard the boat after a swim. They come in lots of fun colors and patterns to fit any personality!

Our pups deserve a fun gift, too! 

We couldn’t forget our nauti pups on this year’s gift guide for boaters! Our Good Dog Spot has a large lineup of adorable collars, harnesses, leashes, and bandanas to keep your dog stylish this coming boating season. They come in tons of fun colors and prints, and of course there are several nautical-inspired designs, too! Treat your pup to a stylish gift with Our Good Dog Spot!

We hope you find something special for all of the boaters in your life this holiday season!

Stay tuned for more gift guides for boaters in the future!

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