Headed North: Bob Brown Aboard “Reel Estate”

Congratulations to Bob Brown of Ohio, the proud new owner of the 2002 Sea Ray 410 Express Cruiser, “Reel Estate”!


In February, Bob attended the boat’s survey at Deltaville Boatyard. With his broker, Bob Hoefer by his side, they enjoyed a fun sea trial on Jackson Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. He closed the deal on February 15th and immediately began making plans for his boat pickup.


On May 1st, Bob returned to Deltaville to finally take possession of his “new” boat and set off on his journey back to Cleveland, Ohio. His first stop was Bear, Delaware, followed by an enjoyable cruise to Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Along the way, he took in the sights, including the Barnegat Lighthouse and the Statue of Liberty.


Bob even had the chance to catch a Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians game. He plans to use his boat for tailgating future games at the Cleveland Indians Stadium.


During his voyage from New York Harbor to the Albany Yacht Club, Bob encountered a temporary obstacle that required him to dock the boat until the canal reopens. Although it was an unexpected delay, he remains eager to resume his journey and create more memories aboard his cherished “new” boat.


We look forward to hearing more about Bob’s adventures and the incredible moments he’ll experience aboard his “new” boat.

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