Preparing Your Boat For Its Listing Debut

Buyers are watching the market closely these days, so when a new listing pops up that fits their criteria, they’re likely to view it immediately.

Because of this, it’s important that your boat makes a great first impression!

Consider a few of these tips to make sure your boat is ready for its debut.

Tip #1: Make sure your boat is camera-ready!

Photos & video are a great way to show off your boat to potential buyers, so you want to make sure they portray your boat in it’s best light. Remove items that won’t convey and are not in use to make sure the boat is uncluttered for photos, videos and future showings.

Consider having the boat detailed or giving it a thorough cleaning yourself. Dirt and debris collects in lots of nooks and crevices on a boat, and often show up in photos and videos. The cleanliness of a boat translates to a vessel that is well-maintained in the buyer’s eyes, and makes them more confident in the overall condition of the boat and more likely to want to see it in person.

Tip #2: Choose an attractive price

Depending on the condition of your boat and the market value of those similar to it, you want to price your boat accordingly. Asking too much up front can hurt your chances of a buyer taking a second look when your boat is listed. A reasonably priced boat is far more attractive, and likely to catch a buyer’s eye when first listed.

At YaZu, we give you market insights and comparable sold boat reports to help you with this decision. We believe in an open line of communication throughout the entire selling process and it all begins with an initial discussion about you, your boat, and your goals.

Tip #3: Communicate With Your Broker

Once you’ve decided to list your boat, be sure to share all of the details of your boat and your plans with your broker, so they can represent it well to potential buyers. Discuss the best place to keep your boat throughout the process of selling and any plans you may have for your boat: whether you will still be using it while its listed, whether you will be making any improvements, etc.

Tip #4: Consider Moving The Boat To Deltaville

At YaZu, we think the best place to list your boat is right here in Deltaville, Virginia – the Boating Capital of the Chesapeake Bay. Not only can we provide you with a better experience when your boat is closer to us, but you will also find access to many marine service facilities for haul outs for survey and sea trial and any services that you may need during the sale of your boat.

Deltaville is also a hotspot for boaters from all over , some looking to change course to a smaller or bigger boat, or from sail to power and vice versa. Your boat would be in a hub of marine industry businesses and boaters.

By bringing your boat closer to us, we’ll be able to readily show your boat to any potential buyers that may contact us.

Learn more about listing your boat with YaZu, here!

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