YaZu Boat Show Guide

The US Sailboat Show & US Powerboat Show in Annapolis are perfect opportunities to review all of the latest and greatest that the yachting world has to offer.  All of the major production manufacturers and gear manufacturers are represented at these annual boat shows.  


First, here are some #PROTIPS from YaZu’s own experiences at Boat Shows! 


  • Wear comfortable low/no heel shoes that are easy to slip on & off. Boots and long laces are enemies of a good boat show experience!

  • Check the weather & dress accordingly. Layers are better. Avoid heavy foul weather gear unless its really cold and raining. Avoid umbrellas.


  • Carry a small shoulder bag/backpack for all of your essentials


    • Be prepared to leave the bag on the dock or cockpit when aboard boats. It is disrespectful of other show visitors and the boats manufacturers/owners to keep a backpack on while inside a boat (or crowded tent). They take up space and can scratch woodwork.
    • BONUS TIP! Tie a bright ribbon or keychain to help you distinguish the backpack from others. Do the same to your shoes or make an X inside the heel with a Sharpie. Its amazing how many people have their shoes “stolen” at boat shows.  First prize goes to show visitors who bring their own booties to go over their shoes!

  • Bring a water bottle, snacks and a sandwich


    • The queues for food can get rather long, and this way you can avoid long waits. Due to social distancing requirements the waits for food and to get aboard boats are going to be additionally long this year.

  • If you can, leave the children with a grandparent or babysitter


    • This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus.

 And now, here are YaZu Yachting’s tips for getting the most out of your Annapolis Boat Show experience this October! 



  1. Plan Ahead

  • Know the makes/models/equipment in which you are most interested.

  • Review the map/show layout. Get there early and go to your number one choices first.

  • Make a list of questions for each manufacturer.

  • Be respectful of the time you take up as there are others in line. If you have your checkbook ready to make a purchase at the show you will have the full attention of the salesperson for as long as you need, but if you are merely doing research, some of the information you need can be gathered online or with an appointment at a later date.

  • Schedule any brokerage boat showings well in advance! New boat brokers have to be in the show and cannot leave to show brokerage boats elsewhere.


    • The YaZu Crew will be in attendance and we’re happy to help you see any boats in the area, since other brokers may be tied up at the show!  

  1. Take Lots Of Photos


  • Take Photos & Videos And Email or Text Them To Yourself Along With Notes

  • When the boat show is over you’ll have all of your go to information for review

  1. Consider It A Journey


  • The Annapolis Boat Shows aren’t just about finding a deal on a NEW boat. Do your best to absorb all the information you can while you’re there. Attend a seminar and chat up a few experts. Gather as much knowledge as you can to help you on your journey to finding your dream boat.

  • YaZu will be there to help you navigate! Call us if you need assistance.

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