You won’t find a more dedicated team to be by your side!

Where to even begin in describing the incredible experience of working with Anne and Jon of YaZu Yachting.


My husband and I are first time sailboat owners so beginning the journey of finding a boat was a bit overwhelming at times.


We were incredibly fortunate to discover YaZu after a lot of online boat searching the East Coast and finding a boat they had listed which fit a lot of the specifications we were looking for.


Immediately upon contacting YaZu to arrange a time to see the boat, we were so impressed by the kindness and thoroughness of Anne on just the first phone call. They arranged for us to see the boat in only a few short days and upon meeting and touring the boat, Anne was the perfect mix of informative while also allowing us space to deliberate with each other and ask a lot of questions.


The boat they were selling they had long been familiar with, having a strong relationship with the original owners and having sold it to another buyer only a year or so before. This was incredibly helpful throughout as there was a deep knowledge of the boat’s abilities and quirks, as well as a willingness to ask the past owner questions for us. We fell in love with the boat and every step forward, Anne and Jon were cheering us on, holding our hands and directing/teaching us when needed.


YaZu recommended insurance brokers to reach out to, provided a long list of trusted surveyors and Jon even spent the day with us on the boat during the sea trial and survey which was a huge comfort to us and allowed for a great learning experience as well.


Every single person we worked with from their recommendation was terrific. Kind, thorough and made all the steps to purchase the boat, smooth. From first tour to closing, everything went very quickly and smoothly, thanks to YaZu and we are now thrilled to have a sailboat of our own!


The above and beyond attention didn’t stop with closing though. They gave us a lovely congratulations gift, have checked in and answered additional questions these last couple months and Jon even spent a few hours with us when we first put the boat in the water, to run through the systems again and give us some tips before setting off for our first official sail.


We are so grateful for all the time and attention dedicated to us through this process and are incredibly excited for all our sailing adventures to come. None of this would have been possible without Yazu!


You won’t find a more dedicated team to be by your side whether this is your first or 5th boat. Thanks for everything!!

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