“Gayle Wix Memorial Rendezvous”

The Monk36 Owners Association “Gayle Wix Memorial Rendezvous” Opening day took place this month on Wednesday, June 8th.

John and Gayle Wix of Woodbridge, Va owned the recently sold 2002 Monk 36 Safe Return together for seventeen years and collected many memories & nearly 4000 hours on her during their adventures. 

A couple of years ago, Gayle passed of cancer. Broker, Bob Hoefer, met John in Summer of 2021 and assisted him in the listing & sale of his beloved boat. John and Bob formed a close friendship during the process.

John attended the sea trial with the new owners and shared his insight and memories he made with his wife, Gayle.

Bob attended the Opening Day of the Monk Owners Association’s “Gayle Wix Memorial Rendezvous” this month alongside John.

Gayle was heavily involved with the MOA and was quoted as the “Heart and Soul” of the MOA by the current president Tim Nesterak while speaking at her “Remembrance” on June 8.

Throughout the ceremony, several people shared their fond memories of Gayle, including her husband, John.

At the close of the ceremony, John was presented with a collage of photos and a commemorative wine bottle adorned with a photo of Gayle.

Howard and Stephanie Conant of Lake Oswego, Oregon. New owners of “Safe Return”. The boat closed March 11, 2022.  Wishing them safe travels on their leisurely exploration of the Chesapeake Bay and it’s tributaries!c

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