Surveying the Jeanneau Yacht 51 “Bolero” In Savannah, Georgia

The stunning 2019 Jeanneau Yacht 51, ‘Bolero’ was put under contract while located at Hilton Head Island for the winter.  The nearest boatyard that could haul her was Thunderbolt Marine in Savannah, a 26 mile boat ride away, by the shortest (circuitous) route.  Owner, Chris set out with Jon and Anne as crew on a crisp,  Tuesday morning in March with a light breeze. The wind piped up once we reached the Atlantic Ocean and we were merrily headed down wind and up the Savannah River when a sailboat coming in the other direction hailed us on the VHF to report that the bascule bridge was broken. It stood between us and our destination. So we turned around and headed back out into the Ocean into choppy seas, which were barely noticeable on Bolero, around the shoals and south to the Wilmington River, which took us past stunning lowland marshes and low country architecture  to Thunderbolt.

Early on Wednesday morning March 16, to the tune of bird calls,  we motored Bolero quietly to the travel lift slip at Thunderbolt, catching the slack tide. For the rest of Wednesday and Thursday the surveyor inspected Bolero from stem to stern and from masthead to the base of the keel.  We did the seatrial in light winds in the Wilmington River on Thursday afternoon (St Patrick’s Day) before returning to the dock  and bidding the buyer and surveyor farewell. St Patrick’s Day is HUGE in Savannah, so Downtown was abuzz with visitors from around the country. The crew of Bolero celebrated a quiet moonrise over the Wilmington River from the cockpit with a glass of wine!

Early Friday morning, Chris and Nancy, the owners of Bolero, and Jon, crept down the Wilmington River as the sun rose in a stunning palette of colors.  Five hours later they arrived back at the lock at Windmill Harbor and returned Bolero to her slip to await closing and the transfer of ownership. 

A tiring, but satisfying few days on the water, in warmer weather, in fabulous surroundings. It was fun to sail in different waters and to enjoy the marvels of this planet on which we live – what a privilege.

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